The Best Reason To Read The Red Queen Novel


For book lovers or what are commonly called bookworms, reading Idn Sports is one of the hobbies that cannot be bothered by. There are so many types of books that you can read depending on your individual needs.

The goal is to add insight or knowledge so that you can become smart people. When talking about novels, it can be an entertainment. For example, when you are bored or before going to bed, the novel can be the right choice.

A novel is a work written and printed in book form. The number of pages in a novel also depends on the length or shortness of the story in the novel. If there are more, it will take a long time not to spend the story.

There are many things you can get while reading a novel. You can learn from the stories you have read. There are also novels in the form of someone’s real life or the story of someone’s life being novel. There may be some stories in common with the lives of readers. So that it can help motivate readers so that life can be better if you never give up.

There are many more lessons that you can get when you read and understand the storyline. So there is nothing wrong with reading a novel so that we can get broad insights so that it can be useful for us in the future.

Short Description Of Novel Red Queen

I looked at my hands, my arms, stunned as the lightning brushed past my body. My clothes were burned, scorched by the heat of the fire, but my skin didn’t change. This must be wrong. I’m still alive.

The Queen Election event reveals the extraordinary talent hidden in Mare – she is also matched with the silver-blooded prince of the Norta Kingdom.

Maybe you think this story will end sweetly; princess and prince live happily ever after. But, wait a minute. The thing is, Mare is a Red-blooded human.

The lives of Mare and the prince were very different. The two of them shouldn’t be meant to be together. At least, until it is known that there are among the Reds who have specialties, like Mare. So far, the Reds have been oppressed by the Silver People.

Mare hates that his people are treated unfairly. He was fed up with the cruelty of the Silver Men, who drove those he knew to death for nothing. Then it is time for him to start fighting, no matter what. With Barisan Merah, he will carry out a grand plan to demand justice.

Reason To Read The Red Queen Novel

So here are some reasons for you to read this Red Queen novel. Because without knowing the plot you must be lazy to start a story right. If you already know some of the storylines of a novel, you can adjust it to your taste. Certainly in everyone there will be different tastes.

Here’s why to read a novel called Red Queen :

  • Dystopia + Science Fiction

Like most other dystopian novels, Red Queen is set in a time when there is a ruling regime (silver blood) that oppresses a people (blood red). What distinguishes this novel from novels of its kind is its fictional science element, namely the superpowers that run in the blood of the Silver Men!

  • Girl’s Power!

In the Norta Kingdom, the election of the queen was a grand event that was highly anticipated. Eits, the election was not through a beauty contest, you know, but through an ability contest! Yep, the queen candidates from each clan must show off their superhuman strength to get the title of “queen”.

  • Cinderella the Thief?

Mare Barrow, who comes from one of the poorest villages in the Norta Kingdom, is the first red-blooded girl to be matched with a silver-blooded prince. Sounds like a Cinderella story, right? But this Cinderella is not a weak child who is bullied by her stepmother, but a shrewd thief who is willing to fight tooth and nail to protect his family and people!

  • A studded with hot guys!

Now for you girls, you will really like it if there is a story that contains cool guys. Apart from tough girls, this novel is also full of cool guys! Want a classy handsome guy? There were Cal and Maven, brothers and sisters of the silver-blooded princes of the Norta Kingdom. Want a loyal guy who never gives up and a cute, protective brother? There is Kilorn Warren and Shade Barrow from Jangkungan Village. Apart from the four of them, there are still many cool guys that you can choose from in this novel!

  • Romance, Love Triangle or Quadrilateral?

With so many tough girls and cool guys who are still teenagers, love problems can’t be avoided. But no matter how complicated their love story is, there is nothing more complicated than the reader’s confusion about choosing a favorite partner! If the story is like this then it becomes very dramatic right. It’s not only romance you can get.

  • The Endless Layers of Twist Plot!

If you thought this novel was like most other young adult novels, get ready to be surprised. Because there are layers of plot twists scattered throughout the storyline. Be careful, anyone can commit lies, betrayal and trickery!

Advantages Of Novel Red Queen

For the superiority of the Red Queen novel, the author, Aveyard, has confirmed and said that the novel he made will be filmed soon. What do you think ? Especially for all of you who have finished reading the novel and really like the story of this novel, it will be a privilege because you can present it directly along with the picture, thus making the situation even more real.

The film adaptation of the novel has been purchased by Universal Pictures. Reportedly, Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games), will work on the film.

Considering how cool Elizabeth Banks was when working on the film Pitch Perfect 2, I think the film Red Queen will be really cool too. Moreover, the script writers for Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad also stepped in. Universal Pictures has reportedly recruited Gennifer Hutchison to write the script for the film adaptation of Red Queen.

About The Author Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard was born and raised in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, a small town known for its incredible traffic jams in the United States. He moved to Los Angeles and earned a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California. Currently he is a writer and screenwriter of films. Can be found at

Are you curious? Immediately read the Red Queen series, before you fall far behind. Namely Red Queen, Glass Sword, and King’s Cage. And in the near future its final sequel, War Storm will be published.

Hopefully, this article will be useful and can help you to find a novel reference to read. Thank you and enjoy.