Before My Eyes


Someone is falling in love…
someone is popping pills…
and someone is hearing a voice
and has a gun.
But no one wants to see
what is happening right
before their eyes.

“In the opening scene of unflinching thriller Before My Eyes—reminiscent of the shooting at Gabby Giffords’ political rally in 2011—a gunman pulls out a weapon at a Labor Day campaign rally for New York state senator Glenn Cooper.

Who is the target? What is the motive? And how will the crowd react to and fare the tragedy? …The thought-provoking story broaches such topics as recognizing signs of mental illness, caring for the mentally ill, gun control and the difficulties of each… a rich opportunity to start a dialogue on these issues that continue to plague America.

Caroline Bock is a successful short story novelist. According to the reviewers, this novel has a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

I wish Before My Eyes was a book of pure fiction, one that was set in a far-away fantasyland that didn’t mirror reality in the slightest. But, it’s not. Before My Eyes, by Caroline Bock, is a story that comes at a poignant time. Bock’s fictional story feels close-to-reality as it weaves a tale of first romance, infatuation, and illness with a story of parents and their children and how they can do right and wrong by them.

It’s a story of bravery and cowardice and misunderstandings. It’s a coming-of-age story based around one very focal point, a town shooting, committed by a young, schizophrenic man named Barkley.

The reader not only sees inside of Barkley’s head, feeling both horror and a shred of sympathy as we read the thoughts of someone who has struggles with a disease he’s not even fully aware he has, but we see the thoughts of a girl he becomes attached to, Claire, and the thoughts of his co-worker, Max. His co-worker shares the same romantic feelings that Barkley has for Claire, weaving a complicated tale.

Bock switches from POVs effortlessly, never missing an important detail. The novel takes place during one summer and pieces from each character make up the timeline; we see Claire struggle to raise her little sister and come to terms with her mother’s stroke.

We see Max struggle to quit a prescription drug problem and move past bullying ex-best friends and join a new circle of misfits before high school begins. And we see Barkley struggle the most, he wants to do what he thinks is right and rid the Earth of “pollution,” forever giving in to the dark voice he hears in his head.

The character’s paths cross multiple times, each time bringing up new emotions. Barkley wants to protect Claire from his master plan. Max saves Claire from drowning one day at the beach. Claire talks with Barkley over the Internet, he comments on her poetry, published on her blog. It’s not until Labor Day, that their paths’ cross one final and fatal time. The story both begins and ends with the Labor Day shooting at a political event, and the early introduction of the climax shapes the story to become a more character-driven, intense read.

This book is a true life story and was made into a short novel by Caroline Bock. This novel also has its own charm for its readers. So don’t miss the excitement of the novel. This novel is perfect for accompanying you when you are feeling tired, it can also be useful during free time, even before sleeping. This novel can also be a good friend.

“Every one of Bock’s fragile characters hides an unflinching inner backbone of steel. Impassioned and moving.” – Elizabeth Wein, bestselling author of Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire.

This novel is also very suitable for those of you who are in love with someone. So it can be used as a valuable lesson in the future. What’s more, this short story is a real life story of someone.

BEFORE MY EYES A thought-provoking young adult novel for ages 14 and above and adults of all ages.

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