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YOU ARE INVITED! Sunday, April 27th-Book Talk for BEFORE MY EYES -2-4 pm Rockville Public Library, Rockville, MD
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PETER LANZA... and reflections on my novel: BEFORE MY EYES
Join! YA READS FOR TEACHERS (And Other Adults) reading and discussing BEFORE MY EYES online at Goodreads...Learn more here...

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GOOD NEWS from Caroline Bock
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Caroline Bock - BEFORE MY EYES

GOOD NEWS from Caroline Bock

Join! YA READS FOR TEACHERS (And Other Adults) reading and discussing BEFORE MY EYES online at Goodreads...Learn more here...

You are invited to a virtual month-long discussion of BEFORE MY EYES with author Caroline Bock!

Date: March, 2014

Venue: YA Reads for Teachers (And Any Other Adults!)
On line at GOODREADS

Location: The United States

Here is the Goodreads book summary of BEFORE MY EYES:
From the author of LIE, a powerful new young adult novel about a fateful Long Island summer and the lives of three young people who will never be the same...
"GRIPPING..." -Publishers Weekly
-Kirkus Reviews
"Every one of Bock's fragile characters hides an unflinching inner backbone of steel. Impassioned and moving." - Elizabeth Wein, bestselling author of Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire.
Take some time to poke around Caroline's web page and her blog.
The link for the discussion has already been posted -- we hope you stop by!
Message from Rory M., moderator of the goodreads group, YA For Teachers (and Other Adults): 
I'm thrilled to have Caroline Bock as our guest this month! Let us know if we should expect you on the discussion thread -- it is a book that will haunt you!

...and I hope you can join too....Caroline


My eight-year-old daughter lost another tooth this week, and she insisted that she still believed in the tooth fairy. So the tooth fairy was contacted and replied with this note:

Dear Sara,
I believe in you…
And I’m glad you believe in me.
Stay forever young…
With love always,
Your Tooth Fairy

This note (and a few dollars) from the tooth fairy made a little girl very happy. Do you still believe?

Sometimes it's nice to know that simple things are still good things to believe in--like the tooth fairy.


P.S. If I had a fairy, it would be a book fairy, someone who waves a wand and encourages all to go read my new young adult novel, BEFORE MY EYES, which is NOT at all whimsical, but as much adult as much as young adult. Look for BEFORE MY EYES everywhere books/ebooks are sold. Read it with your mature teen (age 14 and above) or just read it.    

PUBLICATION DAY for BEFORE MY EYES....dedicated to novelists everywhere

BEFORE MY EYES by Caroline Bock, new young adult novel from St. Martin's Press, 2014A poem dedicated to novelists everywhere
Another ordinary day—
The sun will rise across the fields.
The cold will parse the light,
on par for February.
My son will forget to zip or button
And I’ll remind him, adding:
‘Put on a hat,’
like my father always said to me
when it was cold or hot.
I’ll hear my father’s gruff
and it will make me happy in a way
that when he was alive it never did.
The teapot will shrill and
I’ll hurry it off the stove top,
hushing the boiling water.
I’ll press my mug,
with specks of tea
and milk and honey to my cheek, wondering what to make
for supper, and how I should
get to work today writing—
I don’t know what.
I’ll spot black birds
pecking at the ice-patched fields,
the school bus ruffling around
the bend, and my son loping
down the hill to the bus stop, and
it will be an ordinary day except
for the rush
that every novelist should feel
at least once in their lives:
today my book will be published.
-- Caroline Bock 2.11.14,


To celebrate the publication of BEFORE MY EYES, my new young adult novel, I am giving away one SIGNED FIRST EDITION viaGOODREADS.

BEFORE MY EYES is available everywhere books and ebooks are.

"Today I am a lens, a pen, a gun..." BEFORE MY EYES opening paragraph.

Read on!  Caroline

One Week to Publication of BEFORE MY EYES

As the publication of BEFORE MY EYES, my second young adult novel, approaches I have to turn to other writers to stay sane because publishing is an insane business. Here's a quote that I particularly like from a great American writer who drank too much, died of consumption, and left great writing behind:

"Mostly, we authors must repeat ourselves-- that's the truth. We have two or three great moving experiences in our lives--experiences so great and moving that it doesn't seem at the the time anyone else has been caught up and pounded and dazzled and astonished and beaten and broken and rescued and illuminated and rewarded and humbled in just way that way before." -- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Look for BEFORE MY EYES in hardcover and ebook formats everywhere books are on February 11, 2014.... Caroline 

LOOK: BEFORE YOUR EYES - Check out the news on my updated website

A snowy blustering day--darkening, storming skies-- all said, a perfect day to work on updating my website. Check it out!

Literary Crushes and More As We Sing Auld Lange Synge (Does Anyone on the Planet Know All The Words To This Song?)

This is the time of year to look back, a writer’s dilemma. It seems like I am always mulling on memories, lingering over scenes half-remembered, reconstructed as fiction. But as 2013 ends, this is a happy look back at my literary highlights of the year, as I prepare to pop the champagne and get ready to sing “Auld Lange Synge" (does anyone on the planet know all the words to this song?!): 
Cheers! to My Literary Crush of the Year:
Alice McDermott from That Night to Charming Billy and now on to Someone. I’ve read everyone of her novels and I think Someone is one of her best – it travels down some of the same streets as the one before – Brooklyn, Long Island’s South Shore, a young girl looking into her neighbor’s world and then into her own, an Irish-American girl trying to make sense of the ordinariness of life. I loved Someone.
Cheers! To Best Literary Find in My New City – The District of Columbia:
I met my literary crush Alice McDermott here hand selling books on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I also attended readings by Edwidge Danticat and Elizabeth Wein 9also author of the best YOUNG ADULT novels that I read this year CODE NAME VERITY and its sequel: ROSE UNDER FIRE). Best of all, I found a new home to buy books, discuss books, breathe books.
And cheers to:
The Best Books I read with my book club:
I love being part of a book club! We read many good books this year – but I loved the Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaughand Wonder by RJ Palacioand The Fault in Our Stars by John Green -- yes, our book club of women of a certain age love to read young adult novels -- and these two stories made us cheer and cry.  

Best Poetry Find:
I took an amazing class with her: Grand Theft Poetry and realized that poetry can be found, stolen, nourished in many places.
Best Self-Published Book:
Tales of a Hungry Life: A Memoir with Recipesby Maria Schulz  -- rollicking tales of a large Italian-Puerto Rican family in Queens – and the recipes are delicious!
Best Indie Book:
Recommended by the imitable workshop leader (at another best new find: Bethesda Writer's Center) Mark Cugini: Crapalachia by Scott McClanahan—“a biography of place” a very peculiar place in Appalachia and the people there, written in vivid short scenes.
Favorite “classic” book re-read:
 The Joys of Yiddish by Leo Rosten – read for research, with naches for the language, which as a kid my father sprinkled around our dining room table. Oy!

Best Movie Based on a Novel:
CATCHING FIRE based on Suzanne Collins Hunger Games series, as if you didn't know. But best new addition to the cast: Phillip Seymour Hoffman. This December, the movie just crossed 700 million in box office world wide. May the odds be forever in their favor!

Best Television Series Based On a Novel:
House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and awesome Robin Wright - is based on the novel by same name by Michael Dobbs (interesting a British writer and politician). I am currently binge-watching for the holidays on Netflix!
So farewell to 2013, I am already looking ahead to 2014 – in February, look for the publication of my second novel: BEFORE MY EYES (St. Martin’s Press) on 2.11.14.  I will not forget old friends…
...For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne...

Much more in 2014!! Caroline

Six random things you don’t know about me…

Six random things you don’t know about me…
-I can’t stand coffee, the taste or the smell. (I drink lots of tea!).
-I’m afraid of Ferris wheels and apartments on high floors with lots of windows (that’s why I always lived in brownstones in Manhattan).
-The summer after I graduated high school, I biked from Hyannis to Provincetown and via ferry onto Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard with my brother Mark, still one of the best trips of my life.
-I hiked the High Peaks in the Adirondacks and climbed Mt. Marcy and Haystack among a dozen other mountains and had my first kiss in a pup tent with Howard from Brooklyn. I was fourteen and on a three-week backpacking trip with the American Youth Hostels.
-I miss my dad, who passed away last October, every day. He brought four kids on camping trips every summer. He made a great kugel. He gave us the world and all the love in it.
-In Mrs. Murano’s class third grade class at George M. Davis Elementary school in New Rochelle, I wrote my first poem, and I can recite it to this day: In the woods/where there are tall. towering trees/tiny. timid animals/rigid, rustling leaves/I stand there/just me.

And one thing I hope you do know... I have a new novel coming out in February! Look for BEFORE MY EYES from St. Martin's Press everywhere books and ebooks are sold!


WNBA 2013 Great Group Reads

Great Group Reads 2013!

Great Groups Reads 2013are carefully vetted books by book lovers for book clubs everywhere via the wonderful Women's National Book Association. Last year, I was part of the selection committee; this year, I am was not able to join in the fun of reading and selecting these books, but I am thrilled to share this list:
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Knopf)
A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra (Hogarth)
David by Ray Robertson (Biblioasis)
The House Girl by Tara Conklin (William Morrow)
How It All Began by Penelope Lively (Penguin Books)
Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt (Algonquin Books)
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Reagan Arthur Books)
Margot by Jillian Cantor (Riverhead Books)
Mary Coin by Marisa Silver (Blue Rider Press)
The Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg (Grand Central Publishing)
Nowhere Is a Place by Bernice L. McFadden (Akashic Books)
The One-Way Bridge by Cathie Pelletier (Sourcebooks Landmark)
Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger (Atria Books)
The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell (Amy Einhorn Books)
The Round House by Louise Erdrich (Harper Perennial)
Schroder by Amity Gaige (Twelve)
Sparta by Roxana Robinson (Sarah Crichton Books)
Wash by Margaret Wrinkle (Atlantic Monthly Press)
The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers (Back Bay Books)
*Even though I wasn’t part of the official ‘Great Group Reads 2013’ review committee this year, I have read these two novels and highly recommend them for book clubs. I look forward to reading more on this list with my book club. 

And look for: BEFORE MY EYES, my new novel, coming out in February, 2014 from St. Martin's Pres  -- a terrific book club read!  Caroline  

A Very Adult Short Short Story - "Counting Backwards" by Caroline Bock

This is flash fiction - "Counting Backwards"-- less than 750 words-- submitted to Akashic Books,an indie Brooklyn press, infamous publishers of "Go the F--k to Sleep," a parent's classic.

This short short was written after reading another writer's flash and feeling that flush of jealousy-- one of this writer's main motivators, though maybe one shouldn't admit that-- amid the swirling of loneliness, sadness and regret. Maybe one should say that deep thoughts and world disasters motivate me (what motivates you?) and leave it at that.

Warning: this is Very Adult Fiction. Here's the link:

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