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Astrology and the Writer

I am a skeptical believer when it comes to all things astrology.  What does that mean?  I read my horoscope religiously.  I have even had my “chart” done  -- by the insightful and thoughtful Madam Lichtenstein.  But even so, I question how much is in the stars and how much is in ourselves when it comes to the creative sphere.
In trying to figure this out, this week, I interviewed Madam Lichtenstein aka Charlene Lichtenstein, author of HersScopes, now in its ninth printing with Simon and Schuster, and creator and writer of the must-read astrological blog Madame Lichtenstein’s Cosmic World at
Which astrological sign is the most creative?  Please make it my sign: Scorpio.
Every sign has a certain level of creativity.  For example: Libra in the social sphere --creativity through beautiful things; Sagittarius --more international and cosmopolitan; Taurus – might be inspired  food or food writing in particular; and with Scorpio in the area of passion and intensity. Something mysterious should inspire the Scorpion.
Okay, I’ll take that. You are disciplined and prolific with your blog,  have you ever faced writer’s block?  Do you have any advice?
Don’t force the writing process. Sit down and try free thinking automatic thinking.  Just write anything.  But of course, there are some days that are more conducive to writing than others 
For me stress adds to writer’s block.  Is there something that you would suggest to alleviate a writer’s stress?
Aromatherapy.  Citrus.  Grapefruit or orange energize and activate the brain.
 Going back to your comment about days that may be more “conducive” to creativity --  as a woman there are always times of the month that are more productive creatively, but I don’t think you mean that, do you?
Not exactly  -- but I believe what you are speaking about the “void of course moons.”  You can be more creative during the void of the moon.  What is the “void of course  moons?”  The moon changes signs every couple of days and at one point it will go through  “tunnel” one side into the other.  Those are not great times for decision making.  Those times signal the strong possibility of  cloudy thinking, of the propensity to focus on wrong things.  But it’s a great time to focus on other things, especially in the creative fields such as writing.   I have a chart of the “void of course moons” on my website.
When do you write?
With HerScopes, I found that I wrote much better in the middle of the night. I would work all night: 11 o’clock I would sit down  -- and I’d write until 5 o’clock in the morning – in those moments of supreme quiet. 
Speaking of night time writing, I noticed on your website that the moon as a symbol in astrology may be an important one to writers? 
I always think of a T.S. Elliot line about “bleeding between two lines” when I think of the character of the writer.  You have your real life and then you have your created space in the world that is of your writing – so writers naturally bleed between two lives.  For example, if you are writing your memoir you are writing your life and leading it at the same time.  The moon has this duality – and it could be related more closely to writers. 
Do you do readings for writers?  Should I get my Tarot Cards read?  My chart updated?
 Yes, I do it all!  Tarot Readings. Charts.  See my website for details.     
Your astrological writing has been described as honest, insightful, but also a bit “biting” or “snarky.”  Would you agree?
I hope it’s fun to read – I like to have fun with it – I even like being a little spicy too.  Though people take astrology seriously, and so do I.  I can be very analytical.  I believe I have this kind of writing in me because I have a mixture of Scorpion and Sagittarian energy in me.
Last question: in preparation for the week ahead, what do the stars tell us?
Starting this week, as the Sun enters Taurus and conjuncts lucky Jupiter, the cosmos unleashes a chain of fortuitous events that are bound to have long term implications for us. Not a moment too soon!  Don’t accept anything except first class. You will traveling on this particular dream for a while and will need more leg room.  (reprinted from Madam Lichtenstein’s Cosmic World – for more details on your sign go to
I wonder if it’s the right time to start a new piece?  The stars seem to say so!   Are the stars in your writing plans?

Truly, the author of LIE

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Latest Hollywood Gossips on Monday, May 07, 2012 2:39 AM
This exactly the article which I was looking for last 6 months or so because I am also a skeptical believer when it comes to all things astrology.I am really so excited to get more information from you related to astrology.I am waiting for your next article.
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Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.
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